How to Pair Drinks with Asian Dishes in Newcastle


How to Pair Drinks with Asian Dishes in Newcastle


Newcastle, a dynamic city in England's northeast, has a diversified culinary scene that includes a wide range of Asian food. There's something for everyone's taste buds, from Japanese sushi to spicy Indian curries and Chinese dim sum. To fully enrich your dining experience, though, it's critical to mix the correct drinks with your Asian food. We'll take you on a tour through the world of Asian food and the art of drink matching in this post. Whether you're a local or a guest, at the conclusion of this book, you'll be able to make informed and delicious decisions about Asian food in Newcastle.

I. Japanese Delights

Sushi and Sashimi

Newcastle offers an array of sushi bars and restaurants, serving fresh and delicate sushi and sashimi. When it comes to pairing drinks with these Japanese delights, you have a few excellent options:

  • Sake: Sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine, is the classic choice. The clean and slightly sweet profile of sake complements the subtle flavors of raw fish and the umami of soy sauce and wasabi.

  • Japanese Beer: Crisp and light Japanese lagers like Asahi or Sapporo are also great choices, especially when you want a refreshing and easy-to-drink accompaniment.

  • Green Tea: If you prefer a non-alcoholic option, green tea works wonderfully. Its grassy notes and mild bitterness cleanse your palate between bites.

II. Spicy Indian Cuisine

Curry and Tandoori

The Indian restaurants in Newcastle feature a range of tasty curries and tandoori foods, some of which may be rather hot. Here's how to drink with these scorching treats:

  • Beer: A crisp, refreshing beer or ale pairs well with spicy Indian food. The maltiness and carbonation keep the mouth chilled, while the hops bitterness balances out the robust spices.

  • Riesling: If you prefer wine, a semi-sweet Riesling with fruity notes and a touch of sweetness might help to temper the heat in spicy curries.

  • Lassi: Mango lassi, a traditional Indian yogurt-based drink, provides a cold, calming counterpoint to hot foods.

III. Chinese Culinary Adventures

Dim Sum and Noodles

Newcastle's Chinese food ranges from Cantonese dim sum to spicy Sichuan noodles. Let's look at how well-paired cocktails may improve your Chinese dining experience:

  • Oolong Tea: The flowery and slightly roasted aromas of oolong tea make it a perfect companion to dim sum. It cleanses the palette and enhances the range of tastes in these little plates.

  • Gewürztraminer: Consider a Gewürztraminer wine with noodle meals. Its fragrant and somewhat sweet taste profile may complement the heat and complexity of Chinese cuisines.

  • Tsingtao Beer: Tsingtao, a Chinese beer, is an excellent choice for a familiar and refreshing beverage that goes well with a variety of Chinese meals.

IV. Thai Taste Sensations

Pad Thai and Green Curry

Thai food is recognized for its robust and colorful tastes, such as Pad Thai's sweet and sour undertones and Green Curry's fiery bite. Consider the following drink combinations when eating on Thai cuisine in Newcastle:

  • Singha Beer: Singha, a famous Thai beer, has a light, crisp taste that compliments the spice of Thai foods.

  • Coconut Water: Coconut water is a refreshing and hydrating choice for gentler Thai cuisine that contrasts wonderfully with the richness of coconut milk-based curries.

  • Tom Yum Soup and Riesling: The citrusy and spicy tastes of Tom Yum soup are enhanced by pairing it with a semi-dry Riesling.

V. Vietnamese Flavors

Pho and Fresh Spring Rolls

The Vietnamese restaurants in Newcastle feature fragrant bowls of pho and delicious spring rolls. Consider the following drink combinations to enhance your experience:

  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee: The strong, sweet, and condensed milk-laden Vietnamese iced coffee pairs beautifully with the earthy and savory notes of pho.

  • Light Beer: A light beer or pilsner goes well with the fresh spring rolls, providing a crisp and neutral basis that allows the flavors of the rolls to show.

VI. Fusion Cuisine

The Creative Edge

Newcastle's culinary culture is known for fusion food, which combines Asian ingredients with various influences. Think beyond the box while experimenting with fusion dishes:

  • Craft Beer: Craft beer in a variety of tastes and types may be a great way to experiment with fusion food. The city's diversified cuisine can be matched by the city's beer selection.

  • Ginger Ale: Ginger ale's zesty and gently spicy undertones may enhance a variety of fusion cuisines while also providing a non-alcoholic option.

VII. Dessert and After-Dinner Drinks

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

No dinner is complete without a dessert. Consider the following matches when having Asian sweets or after-dinner beverages in Newcastle:

  • Matcha Tea: The bitterness of matcha tea complements the sweetness of many Asian delicacies, including mochi and red bean snacks.

  • Plum Wine: Plum wine is a sweet and fruity alternative that enhances the flavors of many Asian sweets and provides an enjoyable way to end your dinner.

VII. Your Personal Culinary Journey

Finally, the best drink to match with your Asian meals in Newcastle is a question of personal taste. Don't be scared to explore new combos and experiment. Newcastle's bustling and diverse food scene is an open invitation to embark on your own culinary trip, one in which you discover, appreciate, and enjoy the delectable flavors of Asian cuisine. Cheers to fantastic eating experiences!


The Asian food scene in Newcastle is a treasure mine of tastes just waiting to be discovered. With this guide, you'll be able to successfully navigate the various meals and mix them with the ideal drinks to maximize your dining experience. Newcastle provides something for everyone's taste, whether you like classic options like sake and lager or wish to go out with artisan brews and wine. So, the next time you visit this dynamic city, don't just enjoy the food—enjoy the entire dining experience by complementing favorite Asian delicacies with the appropriate drinks. Cheers to a tasty trip across Newcastle's Asian food!

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